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Quiz Nr. 2: Questions on Stockbridge

Quiz Nr. 2: Questions on Stockbridge
By Tony Parker (1998)

1. Who rode up Stockbridge High St. at 7.15 AM in the morning in the direction of the Test bridge, in a tradesbike, being happy and singing?

2. Who drove Mack's lorries in the 1920's and 30's?

3. C.G. Whiffen: What did the G. stand for?
C.G.M. Hale: What did the G.M. stand for?
T.G. Tabor: What did the G. stand for?
F.G. Higgins: What did the F.G. stand for?
E.C. Fenning: What did the C. stand for?
T.F. Parker: What did the F. stand for?
F.G. Cozens: What did the G. stand for?
F.G. Cox: What did the G. stand for?
S.O.S.: What did the S.O.S. stand for?
T.E. Bradfield: What did the T.E. stand for?
F. Lane: What did the F. stand for?
F. Fullick: What did the F. stand for?
F. Skelton: What did the F. stand for?
F. Jeans: What did the F. stand for?
E.C. Mowatt: What did the E.C. stand for?
F. Orpwood: What did the F. stand for?
Dr. M. Loveless: What did the M. stand for?
E.C. Cooper: What did the E.C. stand for?

4. Who sold fireworks in the 1920's and 30's?
Name the Chaffeur for Col. Kewley in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Mrs. Johnstone in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Mr. H. Johnson in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Sir Norman Hill in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Mr. Bradfield in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Mr. John Lewis in that period?
Name the Chaffeur for Old Dr. Loveless in that period?

5. Where were the remains of the racehorse "Hermit" buried?

6. It was said that "If you sat on 'IT' at midnight, you would hear music!” What, and where, was 'IT'?

7. How many times was the Knell rung to announce the death of:
    1. A man?
    2. A woman?
    3. A child? 

8. To whom was Vera Noyce married?

9. For whom did Orlando Stevens work, after the war?

10. Who was Steve Donoghue's Chauffeur? Where did Steve live in Stockbridge?

11. Whose grandfather was born at Pyrrhus Cottage?

12. Who was the first Commandant of the Stockbridge LDV force in 1940?

13. Where were German Parachute troops supposed to have landed in june 1940?

14. Where did German bombs drop in and around Stockbridge during the War?

15. Name the man who stayed at "Carberry" during the War, who worked for Supermarine at Southampton, and had done so before the War too, and had been a colleague and friend of Mitchell the designer of the Spitfire?

16. Who were Atty's principal Jockeys?
Who were his Owners?
Who was his Assistant Trainer?
Who drove the Horsebox?
Name his most famous, and his well known Winners?
Where did Atty go to Train, and live, when he left Stockbridge?
Who bought Chattis Hill from Atty in '45 or '46?

17. Who rode for Charlie Easterbee? Name his Head Lad. Who were his Owners? Name his most well known Winners.

18. Who looked after Mr Winn at the beginning of Marsh Court Road.

19. Who started up and ran the "Caravan Cafe"?

20. Name two Chemists who practised and had a shop in Stockbridge High Street before the War?

21. Where were Motor Bike Hill Trials or Races held in the 1920's?

22. Name a Stockbridge man who was often a Winner on a Red Indian Bike.

23. Who lived at the Farmhouse and had a Farm at Houghton Down between the Wars?

24. Whose Mother [and Father?] was [were] killed in a road accident being pushed the hill nearby Houghton Down Farmhouse one dark Sunday evening in the early 30's?

25. Where did Alf Herdsfield stable the horses which he trained for the South African millionaire Mr Challoner before the 1914-'18 War?

26. Where did Alf Exercise and Train these horses?

27. Who kept the Brewery Bar pre-1914? The Vine pre-1914?

28. Where did "Mossy" live?

29. Who drove Cooper's buses between the wars?

30. Name Jack Stares' trade? Ernie Diaper's? Wally Scivier's?

31. Name two of the King Alfred Bus Drivers Stockbridge-Winchester before/during the War? Can you name any of the Conductors/tresses?

32. Where did the Barker-Mills' live? Murly-Gotto? Who was Murley's Market Gardener?

33. Who lived at the Mill House before/after the War? Who lived at Barnard's Farm House during the War? Who lived at Hermit Lodge after the War?

34. For whom was Bert Penney Gardener after the War?

35. Name the Gardeners at Little Dean House before the War?

36. Who was Master of the Union [Workhouse] in the 20's and when it closed. Sports...

37. Who bowled Fast for Longstock before the War?

38. Who was Hampshire's Cricket Captain in the 1920's?

39. Who was Linesman for Stockbridge before the War? After the War?

40. Who signed to play Football for Birmingham, but broke his leg before he could begin? Who also played for the Robins and signed to play for a league team [Aldershot]?

41. Who played Centre Forward for Southampton in 1934? in 1954? Who was Manager of Southampton in the 1950's?

42. Who kept wicket for 1. Longstock. 2. Leckford. 3. Kings Sombourne. Pre War? in the 1950's?

Tony, Soest, NL, 18 january 1998.

My Answers to Quiz Nr. 2. on Stockbridge
By Tony Parker

1. Albert Merrit.

2. ? ?

3. Cyril Gordon Whiffen. Charles Gilbert Matthew Hale. Thomas George Tabor. Frank George Higgins. Edward Cecil Fenning. Thomas Farnham Parker. Frederick George Cozens. Ernest Charles Bradfield. Frank Lane. Freddie Fullick. Charles Skelton. Edward Jeanes. E? C? Mowatt. William Orpwood. Maynard Loveless. Martin Cooper.

4. T. Coles. F. Lane. W. Orpwood. F. Higgins.

5. In Sam Carey's old garden.

6. On the tail of the "White Horse" on Woolbury Ring at midnight-at full moon? ... on Midsummer’s Night? ... - I heard this from Janet [Peter] Hale. I remember also hearing the same story concerning the 'Chinaman's Hump" 'down' Marshcourt Road.

7. 1. Thrice. 2. Twice. 3. Once.

8. Johnny Greaves, who was unfortunately killed in the bombing of Wallop airfield when a Hangar door was blown off and fell on him. May he R.I.P. He was a First Class Billiard's Player.

9. Major Bell

10.George Earney.

11. Steve lived at Winton Lodge.

12. It was Lester Piggott's Father.

13. On the Downs.

14. 1. On the Marsh. 2. Marshcourt Road. 3. In the front of the Council Houses, Longstock Road.

15. Henry Holmes. He used to walk his little white terrier up and down the High Street in the evenings, He always smoked cigarettes. He lived at Carberry with his mother.

16. a. Steve Donoghue. Brownie Carslake. Michael Beary.
b. Major D. Macalmont. Lord Sefton. Mr.Basset
c. Bill Sperring.
d. Mr. Wells.
e. The Tetrarch. Twelve Pointer. William of Valence.
f. Atty went to Lambourne. Finally to Epsom?
g. Mr Walter Hutchinson, the Publisher of, amongst others, Picture Post.

17. Cliff Richards. Alf Aylin.Snr. Kay Mannas. Vimy Ridge.

18. Mrs Guy's sister. Joan Hewlett's mother?

19. ???

20. Mr Flood. Mr Estlick. Mr Pearce, during the War.

21. Hazledown Hill.

22. Benny Freemantle. also Bob Stares.

23. Mr Lister and family.

24. Fred and Leslie Yates.

25. In stables behind the old "Queen's Head" in London Road.

26. On the Downs. and on the land where Leckford Golf Course now stands. --The Folly--

27. Old Mrs Earney. ???

28. Mossy was known as the "Kings Somborne Stationmaster" because of his Bowler Hat. Mossy lived in one of Cyril Smith's barns where the old threshing Tackle was stored.

29. Mr Wolstenholme. Syd. Miles. Bern. Standfield.

30. Carpenter. Carpenter. Painter.

31. Drivers: Alf. Aylin. Jnr. Bert Dance. Conductor/tresses: Bill Stevens. Mrs Mid. Goater. Mrs Geoff. Cozens.

32. Barker-Mills: In a large house standing on the hill above the entrance to Longstock. Murley-Gotto: lived first at Atner's Towers. Later in a converted Cottage along the Longstock road. Murley's Market Gardener was Sam Pratt.

33. The Hebblethwaite family. Mr and Mrs ?? [Mr. was a Solicitor. Mrs was a Magistrate] Mrs Hervey-Bathurst lived at Hermit Lodge after the War.

34. At the White House for Mr and Mrs Woods.

35. Mr Griffin and Mr Arthur Phillips.

36. Mr Newall. and Bob Flinn's Grandfather until it closed in 1939.

37. a. Bill Andrews. Jack Lister. and Lionel Galmiche.

38. Lord Tennyson.

39. George Kitley and Arthur Phillips.

40. George Aylin. Dutchy Holland.

41. 1. Gid. Dance. 2. Bob Vincent. 3. ??

Tony, Soest, NL, 18th January 1998 Anthony Parker in Navy uniform